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Working Together: A Journey to Success

Transcript - Working Together: A Journey to Success

Collaboration is Key

Accountable care is not a light switch. We didn’t just turn it on and everything works. And so this really, I think, both providers and patients, need to see this as a journey that’s going to evolve over time.

We realized that the skin in the game between the employer, the insurer and the provider, all had to be aligned. And this was building on relationships versus building on a transaction or a contract.

This is really all about developing systems of care that do not currently exist, but can exist with better alignment between the payers, the providers, and the consumers of medical care.

Learning from each other

The relationship with the payers has changed and it’s really because now we’re on the same team.  We’re not arguing about who’s going to get paid more for a certain service. It’s taking a step back and saying how can we take better care of this group of people and what can we leverage on each of our sides to do that?

Aetna has experience in, in managing populations. Vastly more experienced than we have, and there’s just simply no way we would have the time nor the intellectual expertise to be able to do what Aetna has done.

Aetna is one of those payers that on a national basis has partnered with some of the world's leading health care delivery systems. They bring information systems. They bring marketing experience. They bring health insurance experience. And they also enable us to learn from other accountable care organizations around the country.

Together we can achieve the future of health care

I think that we have a good feeling with Aetna that we can figure out a way to do what's right for the patients. And it doesn’t really have to be your way. It doesn’t really have to be my way. It can be our way. And I think that that’s what we’re doing here.

I think one of the challenges we’re going to have to overcome in the next five years is how do we begin to align incentives so that everybody is rowing in the – in the same direction. And I really think the payers, like Aetna, are a great convener of this kind of work and my hat’s off to them.

You know, I think, it’s interesting that times of disruptive change are pretty scary, but they are also times of huge opportunity. And to have partners that actually get it and that see that vision with us, like Aetna, wow.  What more could you ask for?  I mean this is what it’s all about. This is our opportunity. Let’s grab it.